Creating Value Through Partnership

Lerumo was founded in 1993 as an Information and Logistic Consultancy (ILC) and was rebranded as Lerumo ("Spear") in 2004. Initially the focus was in Defence and the disciplines around weapon system management across its lifecycle.

In the 2000's Lerumo diversified into telecommunications and worked across Africa and the Middle East. Our exposure in Africa prompted us to develop offerings across the lifecycle of generic corporate assets which we have since matured in a variety of sectors.

We have adopted the term Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to encapsulate our offering. The Lerumo solution suite is based on an EAM framework that integrates our client's strategic planning, capital budgets and related capital projects with their operations, maintenance and logistics whilst ensuring compliance to international accounting standards. This integration ensures productivity enhancement, asset life cycle optimisation, curtailed total cost of ownership and improved supply chain management.

Our Solution Suite

Our services within the EAM framework is provided in two focus areas namely Infrastructures Services and Asset Management Services. The services provided within these focus areas are listed below: