Creating Value Through Partnership

Enterprise Asset Management

Lerumo has successfully completed numerous ERP implementation projects with the focus on the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) disciplines. Our experience spreads across a wide spectrum of industries including Energy, Telecommunication, Banking, Defence (Aviation, Maritime and Army), Process Plant, Nuclear, Transport and Mining.

We provide consulting services to define the architecture for capital project execution, maintenance and supply chain management, and utilise ERP systems to operationalise the architecture.

Apart from EAM consulting Lerumo is an expert in the auditing of any physical asset in order to update Fixed Asset Registers, monitor Service Level Agreements and to create maintenance / refurbishment plans and budgets. We utilise cloud-based tablet solutions to enable large scale programmes to be executed in extremely tight timescales. Projects have successfully been executed in Banking, Health, Office and Retail, and Telecommunications sectors in a variety of African countries.